Our Team Members

Here’s just a brief set of things that describe each member of our team:

  • Technical Expertise – Whether your area is finance, operations or IT Security, you need to know the technical skills of your business.
  • Client Focus –  Always keep a focus on what really matters — turning each Client you touch into a stark raving MAD fan.
  • Constant and Lifelong Learning – You should be committed to learning more each and every day.  We will expect you to be way more in a year than you are today.
  • Business Understanding – A complete grasp of the business reality of your Clients. Technical skills are great, but if you can’t communicate your solution to the Client, it’s not going to matter much.
  • Open and Fun-Loving Mind – Become close to your peers. Build up their skills. Inspire each other and hold each other accountable. Have fun and celebrate even small achievements.
  • Innovative and Quick Thinking – We won’t ever tell you a solution is impossible. It’ll be up to you to learn through trial and error and think on your feet.

While that’s what we’re looking for, we attempt to offer even more.  Beyond just the typical financial compensation and competitive benefits, we’ll give you a team that will support your efforts in every way.  We’re immensely focused on the growth of our teammates – we’ll send you to conferences, ensure that you get trained and learn what you need in order to take the next steps in your career.  Because, ultimately, as each member of the MAD team grows, our Clients get more effective and efficient service.

Current Opportunities

The below positions are currently available.   Contact cneve@madsecinc.com if you are interested and meet the requirements.


MAD Security is seeking a full-time employee for McAfee SIEM and McAfee endpoint consulting. The job consists of deployable 1- to 2-week engagements on a client site providing installation support, knowledge transfer, and/or training.


  • Willing to travel up to 70% of the time (60% more likely).
  • Employee would be working out of their home, so only requirement for residence is near a large U.S. airport.
  • 5 years of overall IT Security Experience
  • 2+ years of McAfee SIEM expertise (must be ready to work engagements immediately)
  • Solid communication skills, as you will be the sole consultant interacting with the client
  • Ability to support other McAfee products (ePO, Next Gen Firewall, etc) is a huge plus.
  • DC area is a plus
  • Education and certifications are a plus but not required. What IS required is a demonstrated passion for information security.