WiseLogoMAD’s training videos become even more effective when combined with our Workforce Information Security Education (WISE) training platform.

Designed for Awareness

Most traditional Learning Management Systems are designed for flexibility. WISE was built from the ground up to focus on delivering security awareness training and facilitate information retention.

Customizable for User Content

Every organization has its own content requirements. WISE is easily configured to allow each organization to host their own policy content around the lessons that each user takes.

Created by Behavioral Scientists

WISE was designed with integrated testing to create lasting behavioral change in users, rather than promoting a “watch and forget” mentality.

Detailed Tracking and Reporting

WISE allows managers to follow employees’ progress and obtain detailed statistics, including completion rates and retained knowledge.


In the Cloud

  • MAD hosts WISE in the cloud for nominal charge.
  • Each organization has a separate instance of WISE — your data is hosted separately.
  • MAD supports and runs the software — your training platform is always updated.

Virtual Appliance

  • Hosted at your location on your hardware
  • Your data is entirely secure and under your control
  • Users are automatically synchronized and enrolled through Active Directory or LDAP
  • MAD will come on-site to set up the system and supports the software either remotely or on-site depending on what you need.


Examples of WISE Functionality

WISE Stats and Tracking

WISE Stats and Tracking

WISE Content-Based Quizzing

WISE Content-Based Quizzing

WISE Content-Based Quizzing

WISE Content-Based Quizzing