Neutralize Threat and Reduce Risk

Protecting the right assets from the most severe threats begins with securing your entire network. Our External Penetration Test will find unknown vulnerabilities from a hackers perspective, from misconfiguration and network design issues to software bugs and back doors. Our Internal Penetration Testing will allow you to see vulnerabilities from an insiders perspective and negate possible insider threats.  The report we provide you once testing is complete will blow away any other report you have seen in the past.  It will give you actionable items and a roadmap to a better security posture.

Our specific Security Assessment and Testing Services include Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Testing, Penetration Testing, and Human / Social Engineering Assessments.

In order to identify, understand, and categorize risks, MAD Security conducts information security risk assessments. We consider a risk assessment a vital prerequisite to the formation of strategies and policies that guide all aspects of an organization’s information systems security posture. Undertaking an initial risk assessment can reflect a significant one-time effort and MAD Security believes in identifying risks accurately and completely.

Our Vulnerability Assessments scan your systems using best of breed open source and commercially available tools and highlight potential threats to your systems.  MAD vulnerability testing uses functional and structural testing to analyze internal and external controls. These tests are a good base to determine, prioritize, and lower risk.  Each vulnerability assessment come complete with an actionable remediation plan and report.

MAD Security tests the security of your IT infrastructure by applying ethical hacking principles to safely identify and exploit your organization’s weaknesses in a real-world scenario.  Our penetration testing methodologies are based upon industry best practices including the OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Guidelines. MAD utilizes these world-recognized penetration testing methodologies and guidelines as well as our own proprietary methodologies and know-how to produce repeatable, quality results with minimal risk to your systems during testing.  We have performed these tests for government agencies, Fortune 1000 companies and small high risk organizations.

Social engineering exploits the weakest link in security, the Human.  Human and Social Engineering Tests use techniques to gain access and attack an organization’s security infrastructure through its people.  When carrying out Social Engineering attacks, MAD Security is actively human trust.  This natural human willingness to accept someone at his or her word and/or appearance leaves many organizations vulnerable to this type of attack.  These type of test will help your organization identify human vulnerabilities as well as evaluate the user awareness of specific policies and procedures.


Vulnerability Testing vs. Penetration Testing
It is important to understand the difference between Vulnerability and Penetration Testing.  Vulnerability Tests use tools to identify vulnerabilities in a security system but do not relate technical threats to business threats nor do they assess actual attack methods. Penetration testing demonstrates the real risk to systems and provides a large-scale perspective of critical threats to the entire organization.