MAD Security Operations & Integration

Bringing together world-class industry-leading technology solutions, processes, training, and services to deliver holistic synthesized solutions.

Adversaries are getting increasingly creative and protecting your data and infrastructure is becoming more and more complex each and every day.  This is why MAD Security has pioneered a multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity – one that leverages leading technology solutions, processes, training, subject matter expertise, and professional services to deliver holistic synthesized solutions.

The MAD Security professional services team has deep expertise in delivering, maintaining, training, integrating, and consulting on a broad range of cybersecurity technologies and solutions. This team of experts is truly committed to making a difference focused on ensuring your organization has the most effective cybersecurity strategy possible.

Cybersecurity Health Check

Evaluate your current security posture and make recommendations for advancement.

Security Architecture & Design

Evaluation of your organization’s “as-is” architecture and tools set to eliminate inefficiencies to develop a “to-be” architecture that is secure, cost-effective, and most importantly integrates into your business.

Security Design & Integration

All cybersecurity technologies must be fully integrated into the network and your business operation model.  When security features are “bolted on” to existing architectures, there will always be gaps and vulnerabilities.  It is far more effective to “build in” the cybersecurity as the architecture is being developed.  MAD Security will help you acquire and integrate new technologies in a synthesized methodology that ensure the environment is robust, fast, reliable, and secure.

Security Technology Solutions

Cybersecurity technology solutions include systems that provide secure data management, intrusion detection, access controls, automated monitoring, encryption, and authentication. All these tools must work together in a systematic and secure way to maximize capability while minimizing risk.  To stay ahead of potential cyber attackers, MAD Security will help you select and implement new security technology solutions.  We work with the leading product vendors to provide innovative and robust security solutions.

Managed Services & Residencies

Organizations are challenged to efficiently find and leverage the specialized cybersecurity expertise.  To help overcome this challenge, MAD Security’s managed services and residencies provide expert security consultants with the advanced skill sets and experience you need, when you need it, and for the amount of time you need it for.

Project Management

MAD Security can help you meet deadlines, allocate resources, complete tasks, and finish projects on schedule and on budget.  The breadth of our managed service offerings can be customized to meet your unique security goals and objectives.


Finding cybersecurity training that is relevant to your business and takes into consideration the skillsets of your personnel is virtually non-existent. Most cybersecurity training is developed with a broad audience in mind, but MAD Security training is different as we pride ourselves on creating customized tailored training for anyone that seeks it out!


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